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Master the Masterblock

Knowing how to make your own ceramic molds is almost essential for those in the ceramic business, whether turning out greenware or finished products.

Knowing how to make the Master Block is all the more important if you need to know you'll be able to reproduce those same ceramic molds in exact sameness for years to come.

When it comes right down to expenses, you have a choice between buying a commercially made mold for premium prices or producing your own privately designed mold for pennies. While everybody else worries about molds wearing out, you abuse yours and work them to death because you know you can replace it in half an hour. While everybody else is waiting for molds to dry, yours has produced 10 pieces. A bit of a blaze' attitude but you get that way.
Master the Masterblock instruction booklet written and illustrated by Judy Sims, written for ceramics I walk you through the process, using accessible tools and workspace.

I also discuss the different materials one can use and the reasons for each use.

Anyone can make their own master blocks and I suggest you do exactly that, for the protection of your own market.

28 pages. Small but I'll show you how to get the job done.

The only problem with most mold making books, on the market, is that they show you how to do it with all kinds of hardware you don't happen to have. Nor do most of us have the space and work tables they're using.

If you are or plan to make a living in the ceramic business, I strongly suggest not only knowing ways to make your ceramics production run efficiently, but also learning how to make your own ceramic molds. As a mold maker myself, I learned the nasty side to mold makers and I wouldn't trust somebody else to cast a mold of one of my own designs. And if you plan to use the same designs for many years, you need to know how to freeze that design in time, by also making your own master block so that you can continuously make new molds identical. Designing your own, mold making and marketing ceramics is your foundation. I will share all that I know. I care.
Ceramic figurine, Kokopelli.Designed by Judy Sims
The interesting thing about this design, is that my competitors are still trying to figure out how I made the mold.
To explain what a masterblock is in simple terms-
The finished product is a postive. The mold used to make it is a negative.The masterblock is also a postive but with one difference:it's made to also form the seams of the mold.
The masterblock is used to reproduce molds. The molds are used to reproduce ceramic object. With a masterblock, your design is frozen in time. Ten years from now, you can produce the same exact mold you produced the first time. With a masterblock, you can also go into business producing the molds to sell.