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More than just instructions assuming you already have the same tools and equipment, a professional studio would have. Judy started from scratch and teaches you how to do the same.

Silicone Rubber Mold Project

rubber moldsThis is the first in a series. The next ebook will actually walk through the process of creating a plaster mold for polymer clay pressings.

Pouring for Ceramics

pouring ceramicsJudy goes right to heart of things, teaching you not only the process, but short cuts and ways to accomplish this with very little equipment.

Mold Making for Ceramics

mold making for ceramicsFew publications, teach you how to deal with complicated models. In this ebook, Judy takes you through the process of working around things like long floppy dog ears.

Master the Master Block

making a master blockThe master is your positive of your image (model). It gives you the ability to copy your first mold, over and over. If you’re going to sell your molds, you must create masters.

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6 thoughts on “E-book Downloads

  1. Dorothy Haehnel

    at my job there starting a ceramics program and I got hired for the job, because my mother use to have a business in our 4 car garage, growing up I did a lot of pouring and cleaning greenware I am sure that their is a lot more that I do not know, can you help me? I also would like to know how to make molds.

  2. Cecile Crouchman

    I am interested in your booklets. I sent you an email a few minutes ago. You are a very interesting lady. I enjoyed your info on your site.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Mrs. Cecile Crouchman
    Windsor, Ontario, CANADA

  3. admin

    Dorothy, I’m sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. You probably know almost everything you need already but it’s true my ebook on pouring contains a lot of hints and tricks that very few people know about. It not only takes the novice through the basic process, it also goes all the way into a workable floor plan for mass production and how to market and sell.
    I will be glad to help any time.

  4. Marisol

    Hi, I am a single mother of two childeren and was looking for something that I can
    Do to make more money. I was looking into something similar like concrete lawn ornaments until I came across your site. It reminded me when I was alittle girl I had taken a ceramic class and loved it. I am very interested and after reading your bio I am encouraged but of course alittle scared I was going to start by purchasing your guides which one do you think I should start with first?

  5. admin

    the Pouring for ceramics not only gives you a bunch of pointers for cost cutting and getting the job done faster, it also helps you to set up a working shop situation when the time comes. So, I guess I kind of favor that one. 🙂 If you decide you want to start doing your own designing and mold making, that mold making ebook gets into some deep subjects of parting lines and stuff. For something simple, it’s easy to find instruction all over the internet.
    Also, just to let you know, I’m always around to help out in the future. I spend half my life answering questions and more will make not diff…right? 🙂

  6. Kelly Adams

    I stumbled upon your videos on making molds for polymer clay and would love to see more. Your work is beautiful and videos are very insightful. The videos on youtube end at part 6, are there more videos? I feel like i just watched JR get shot on Dallas and am waiting for the next season to start.
    Please let me know where or how I can get the rest of the series. I will be looking into your E-books after our fall festival season ends.
    I hope this finds you and your family well.

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