At Show

Photos taken while set up at outdoor show.

6 thoughts on “At Show

  1. Kathy Collins

    Judy-You are a very talented lady!! I love the clay ware and the awesome creative touch you put to it!! Blessings.

  2. Stephanie

    Wow – I am so impressed. My husband and I live out here in the tooleys where there is nothing and we are just begining ceramics as a post injury hobby. My mom has given us a few molds and a few instructions and we are just getting a kiln wired in. Spoke with a lady the other day in passing and she mentioned how she makes her own molds out of plaster so I thought I wanted to try to figure out this so we would have a few more things to do, but so far it sounds pretty overwhelming??? Anyway you are a very talented woman thank you so much for sharing all of the beautiful art that you have created I am highly impressed and blessed by this time I have spent this afternoon viewing your pages. God Bless you! Steph

  3. admin

    Thank you so much. I was hoping to have my workshop ready for classes this summer but everything under the sun got in the way. So I’m hoping again for next summer. 🙂 If you need any help, just give me a holler at

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