About Klayware

Hi, I’m Judy. For several years, I owned a shop where I mostly helped others to succeed in their own ceramic businesses. ¬†Sorry to say it wore me out.

After I closed the shop at the end of 1999, I stored the majority of the equipment and molds and seldom touched the subject.

Only recently, I decided to pull the equipment out of storage and begin producing. This time would be different – this time I’d concentrate only on my own finished goods.

This is what you see here. I do it all, from the ground up and I teach my daughter and grandson the paint patterns, so that they can help in production.

Most definitely these will become collector’s items, so start your collection today. You can show them off or use them, they are just as food safe as any you’ll find. All U.S.A. products in the production and all backed as safe and usable with foods.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you like what you see.

I also offer wholesale to shops, as well as corporate gifts. Let me design your next corporate gifting items.

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