Silicone Rubber Mold Project

rubber moldsThis ebook follows Judy while she creates a silicone rubber mold. There are 2 approaches covered : glove mold and a 2 part mold. This project is for a more difficult model, which is a human figure of polymer clay, with tiny fingers and details.

This ebook covers the creation of the rubber mold and the mother mold, right up to the point of being ready to pour the duplicate model.

Enclosed are links to Judy’s private video’s that cover the process of the glove mold. Each video has its own link. It’s the only way to keep them completely private. Links to the video’s are exclusive to this e-book.

It takes a few seconds to load up the .pdf file, due to its size.

Project: Polymer clay molds to be sold.
This efile is the first in a series. The entire series includes making a rubber mold of the original model, in order to produce a duplicate which can be cut into body parts. Using the duplicate, the arms and legs will be detached and a new plaster mold made of each body part. After that, we will create a master, in order to mass produce molds to be sold on the market.

The next e-book will cover the process of actually creating the mold for polymer clay, made from hydrastone. Includes complete instructions, right down to mixing the hydrastone and applying.

For those who purchase this ebook, an email address is included in case you want to be notified when the next ebooks are finished and ready for market.


2 thoughts on “Silicone Rubber Mold Project

  1. wenson

    Dear Manager

    I learnt that you make plaster cornice or ceiling roses,,,

    We are interested in your products. May I know if you also make moulds for your products?

    What is the material you use to make moulds?

    Awaiting for your early response.

    Kind regards


  2. admin

    You can write me directly at
    I’m not sure what you mean by plaster cornice or ceiling roses. The fact is, I make anything you want, if making a special order. We can talk about what it is you’re wanting. And yes, I make molds of anything. The materials I use depends on what type of product is to be made. If made of ceramic, the mold is plaster, if made of resin, the mold is rubber. It just all depends.
    Write to me at that address and let me know more about what you’re looking to make.

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