Pouring for Ceramics

pouring ceramics and slip castingPouring for Ceramics

Ever dreamed of producing your own ceramics but think it takes a wagon full of money to get it started, then you need to learn from this little lady. You can do everything, right up to the firing, for little of nothing. Sure the slip and colors cost money but you don’t need a bunch of equipment. You can start right on your kitchen table. I’ll teach you the costly wives tales and how to get the job done right.

Pouring ceramic molds is a lot more than just the simple instructions you get from most publications. I reveal the tips and tricks of the trade, from a mass                                                                       pourers experience.
I also take the time to talk about your future in the ceramic business

Helpful for the beginner as well as those in the ceramic business. Knowing how to produce in mass efficiently and how to make your own ceramic molds, is a necessity.

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4 thoughts on “Pouring for Ceramics

  1. Bird

    HI–Just checking out your tips and stuff. A couple of us are just getting back into our old hobby, some seniors in the area are interested in starting it as theirs as well. So I wanted to make sure I knew everything I can about pouring and firing the molds. I have about 500 molds or so, nice start. I have planters that everyone of the seniors are eager to do!! And some are requesting indian molds, which I myself have the interest in those as well and I do have a few indian molds, so I wanted to see what you had to say on the topic. I do appreciate your time posting everything, I know it is time consuming. Take care.

  2. admin

    check out http://nmclay.com
    They happen to be in the heart of New Mexico. You may not find all the molds, they have on hand so I’d call them.They carry the molds of several of the local mold makers that specialize in Indian design.

  3. admin

    I happen to have some of my old indian pot molds. If that’s something you are interested in, I can always make duplicates.

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