Mold Making For Ceramics

mold making for ceramicsLearn to make your molds from a ceramic worker and mold maker who, like most, had little space or equipment. It can be done without a whole workshop dedicated to mold making.

Discussion on copyright protection.
44 pages of photos and illustrations


In this first writing about Mold Making for ceramics, I go into detail with photos of a mold being made of an odd shaped model, that of a dogs head with undercuts. Much is discussed concerning problem molds and what to do when things go wrong.
Included, is discussion about copyrights, your market, protections, care of molds and old wives tales.
Written from a different prospective most publications use, that of a self willed independent, small business craftsman/ceramist. A must read for those desiring to go into ceramics production. Knowing how to make your own ceramic molds, gives you more control over your business.
I’m always available to help. That’s what I’m all about

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