Notice: It seems I’ve come to the crossroads telling me it’s time to quit. I can no longer lift heavy molds or do any sort of standing or bending. The upshot being production has come to and end.

Some years ago, while I was still able, I created ebooks to share my knowledge. Those are still available through the ebook link above. It’s through these ebooks that I’ve shared my tips and tricks, the easy way of getting things done. I’ve demolished a whole bunch of old wives tales about ceramics. About mold making, I’ve taught you how to get it done and done right, even though you have no expensive equipment. In other words, how to know measurements by feel and sight, rather than having to weigh components. I demonstrated a difficult piece, rather than just a smooth vase, in order to help you understand parting lines on anything you desire.

All of my knowledge about ceramic mold making, turning out ceramics and a bunch of tips are in these ebooks. It was my only way to share my knowledge before my body gave out.

I refer you to my protege, Gary Morgan. You can contact him at  morgan.k.gary@gmail.com  If you have need of a custom mold, he might be feeling knowledgeable enough to help you out. At this moment, he’s not sure but I am.



To date, we have 5 designs we are producing. More will be added in the near future. Individual pictures below will take you to the page for more views of that pattern. For ordering, you will be returned to this page. List at bottom of this page.

Each piece is signed, and dated. There are 3 signatures: Judy (myself), Lela (my daughter) and Vincent (my grandson).

All of our wares are food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. You can also put them in the oven but be aware they should be used the same way you use Pyrex. You have to warm up the dish along with the oven. While it’s true you can put these in the dishwasher, over time it may tend to dull the shine.

You can personalize any design with a Family name or a special persons name. At the time of sale, I will personally contact you by email to see if you have any special instructions. Be sure to include your email in all transactions.



Morning Glory Southwest

Afternoon                                                         Forest


Click on any picture to get to the order page. There you will select the desired design. All prices include shipping and handling.

Cylinder Vase 11 1/2″x5″Ginger Jar Vase 6″ Tall Vase 12″Flower Pot 4″Oval Turkey Platter 19″
Round Platter 12 1/4″Soup/Salad Bowl-flanged 7″wideSoup/Salad Bowl-straight up sides6 3/4″ wide but actually holds more than the flanged bowl. Dinner Plate with Rim 9 1/2″Large Dinner Plate 11 3/4″(very thick) no rim

Salad Plate

Mug Oval Serving Dish 10 1/2″ long


ceramic teapot

Salsa BowlRound Serving Bowl 7 1/8″wide

Tile/Trivet 6″

Small Trinket Box 3 1/4″wide

Small Pitcher

Cup and Saucer Setceramic cup and saucer Christmas Ball Ornamentsceramic christmas ornaments
Gobletceramic goblet Large Pitcherceramic pitcher
2 foot Urn 14″ Oval Serving platter

Buying by the set is always a better price. Check out the 4 place dinner sets.

Dinner Set with Lg. Plate Dinner Set with Regular Plate with rim

Set of 4 mugs

Set of 4 Salsa Bowls

Lots more to come, folks. We’re just getting started. Most items should be in stock, however allow up to 2 weeks for shipping, in the event we need to provide special order service. These are all hand made by the family.

13 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Patricia Hostetter-Lopez

    Well Judy, you’ve out done yourself, I love your new pottery line
    they are just out of this world, it truly reflects the southwest and
    has a little Georgia O’Keefe look to it. What are you calling the complete
    line..i’d like to put a link on my site. Pat at H&L

  2. admin

    We’re just calling it ‘Klayware’…..for numerous reasons. Impressionistic art ceramics by Klayware. 🙂 How’s that? My favorite, of course, are my hand built items but that’s something you can’t mass produce by any measure.
    So far there are 5 designs and I teach my daughter and grandson systems to reproduce those same hand painted designs. I’m working on a couple more now.

    Georgia O’Keefe? Really? And I’d love a link on your site. I also need your link.

  3. Dorothy Haehnel

    I work for the state of texas and just got hired to begin a ceramics program at a state supported living center. I do know how to pour, clean, paint, but I will need help because I know that I do not know everything, can you help?

  4. admin

    Dorothy, my ebook on Pouring Ceramics, goes into it all, from the ground up. I guarantee, you won’t be left wondering about anything. 🙂

  5. carol

    Now it has been 4 days – bank shows you received your payment. Sent 3 emails – no answers. Is anybody out there – order still shows pending. Please help.

  6. admin

    Carol, if you’re not getting my emails, check your spam box. I sent you that link. This has happened before and I can’t figure out what’s happening. The program is supposed to direct you straight back to a download page after payment. Somehow, a few folks are missing it. I’m tempted to go through the process to see how it’s working.

  7. carol

    Thanks Judy, all is well that ends well. And the ebook was well worth waiting for. Cant wait to get to work on it. Will be getting more books!!

  8. admin

    So sorry for the problem. I’m hoping to have more ebooks out soon, covering the painting techniques I use to create what you see on this page.

  9. admin

    I think I found the problem and hopefully it’s fixed. I’ll keep a close eye on the site, though until I see sales going through without a hitch. 🙂

  10. admin

    If you’ve been having trouble with the email form, I have it fixed. 🙂 Should work now.

  11. Lisa Cantrell

    Do you have any how to books in publication? Would like to try my hand at this. Would like to learn how to make dinnerware and unique ceramic banks.

  12. Judy Sims Post author

    All I have right now are the ebooks. I still have a few of the hard copies for the ‘Pouring for ceramics’, just don’t advertise it.

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