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Judy's Corner
         The New Portal !

A network for business crafter's
A site where the crafter can promote their own products, network with other business crafters, upload pics, blog, submit articles and more.

It's also a site for those who have talent to share with those who need to learn.

It's loaded with articles pertaining to crafts, craft business and other subjects of interest.

Official Blog attached to the new Portal
Judy's Corner Blog
This is also where Judy does most of her writing about crafts business, ceramics and general marketing.

If you've been directed here after submitting your information at the connection site, here's the link back.
This is the new site set up strictly for U.S. small business crafter's (and small manufacturer's) making connections with U.S. wholesale buyers.

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Read about Judy's instruction ebooks.
Mold Making for Ceramics
Pouring for Ceramics
Master the Masterblock


If you'd like to catch up with what Judy has
been blogging about, you can visit the old
Talking about Crafts and the Business of Crafts
Mold Making of All Sorts
I also gab about a slew of other subjects.
Courting Your Wife
Trucking U.S.A.
Judy's Memoires

Home and Family
Still undergoing construction but certainly ready for company. Articles, resources, entertainment, for home-home repair,relationships,raising kids,homeschooling and all sorts of things concerning the home and family.

Judy's Christian Blogs
Christianity Today
The Last Generation


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